5.19.13: Episode #26

Episode #26 all set. We talk a bit about the Auris Apothecary NES cassettes and play cuts from Magic Nanna, Dave Orders a Pizza, Cremator, Ma Turner, 10-20, TVO, Seed Melodies, Iasos, Phork, Radio People, Reviver, Prada and Oregon, Gripgevest and Kling, Cray, and Transfixed Movement. [Play] [Download right click/save]

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5.16.13: Cassette Entertainment Systems

Auris Apothecary released NES soundtracks on cassettes because they are obviously geniuses. We had a few words to say about it and want to know what other soundtracks you’d like to see released. [Check It Out]


4.28.13: Episode #25

Food & Beer themed episode! Tasty treats from Foodman, Soup Purse, Zach Troxell (from a tape on Pizza Night), Edibles, Spinal Honey, Cow, Sugarm (from the tape “Wasted”), Budweiser Sprite, Rambutan, White Meadows (from the tape “A Time For Drunken Horses”), The Nevari Butchers, Sheldon Siegel (from the tape “Three Euro Breakfast”), Elfenbeinturm (from the tape “1982 – Pizza, Beer, and Smokes”), Workin’ Man Noise Unit (from the tape “Drinkin’ Stella To Make Music To Drink Stella To”), Ghostfood, and an interview with Dan Rizer (Budweiser Sprite). Bon appétit! [Play] [Download right click/save]


4.25.13: Tape Of The Month – April 2013

We’re starting to get-brews-on-the-front-porch weather, so we need new brews-on-the-front-porch music. This Horsehair Everywhere jam on Goldtimers will do just fine, and is our tape of the month for April. [Check It Out]


4.14.13: Episode #24

We break in the new studio, choose a theme for episode #25, and kick out the jams from Life Partner, Pajjama, Bedroom, Caldera Lakes, Marnie Stern, Philip Marshall, Great Slave Lake, AB1, Seedge, Richard Lainhart, bbob and RRRyan, Aaron Dilloway and C Spencer Yeh, Mu, Pandelindio, Scant, The Big Ship, The David Russell Snake, and Villages. [Play] [Download right click/save]



The first year of the Tabs Out podcast has provided us with many opportunities to mispronounce names and we’ve jumped on every chance. Here is a 10-minute montage of us doing just that with an intro from Brad Rose. [Check It Out]