Stenorette – (INV) 2

6.15.22 by Matty McPherson

“Stenorette is a recording project of Ben Worth and Ben Dyson – two UK immigrants who met in their adopted home city of Toronto, Canada. Their sounds are created using various tapes, vinyl, found sound, and heavily processed guitar. All work is 100% improvised and every session is recorded live to cassette.”

It’s a simple bio worth reposting here to contextualize their projects. Last year, Worth and Dyson revisited their the Stenorette archives and came out with a trilogy of reflective drone. (INV) 2, as its Stumptown printed cover suggests, is abstract yet clearly part of a larger sum. Still, the C23’s two longforms for each side have that miraculous effect of existing out of a proper time cycle altogether. Actual Business Letters’ ethereal drone conjures up images of dilapidated subway stations and fickle trains. The air is frigid on this half.

An Uncorrected Proof, further entangles itself down frigid, barren paths. It holds court with a sullen sound of its accord. The low hums of a drone suggest a monolithic presence, while gaseous feedback itself provides a chilling baseline for this side’s state of affairs. In the piece’s most gracious moments, faint chorus or ringing harmonies make way to the forefront. It almost sound of an imagined cathedral, a dream-realm of utilitarian purpose. I have a deep affinity for these type of textures, the kinds of sounds that play so well on those still mornings where June grey reigns supreme in an isolated manor. And as such, (INV) 2 is itself such a treat.

Limited cassette edition of 15, packaged in hand-stamped, 100% recycled chipboard packaging, available now.