Cool Hans Luetke – Dianetic Diabetic!

12.28.21 by Matty McPherson

So what’s that I’m hearing?! You want a found sound odyssey of drum n’ bass ditties “but for the arcade room at 3pm, not the chillout room 3am”? Well guess? I think Cool Hans Luetke has your fix. C. Hans Luetke is a newcomer, as far as I can tell, with a couple of transient, atonal electronics having hit the 5CM and Personal Archives Bandcamp pages over summer. Here on “Dianetic Diabetic!” (for Personal Archives), Luetke pilfers a series of ambient, yet glitzy n’ glitched vapory synthscapes alongside the latest in downtempo jazzy drum n’ bass.

Imagine, if you will, the kaleidoscopic menagerie of an arcade: The blurred faces; the half-remembered, possibly half-gouged carbohydrates; racing games that only make you remember you will never wake up in a Bugatti; the anchoring stock of quarters that slowly dwindles and frees your britches. C. Hans Luetke has a tantalizing focus on those types of wild nights, and both the in-the-moment flow state blur and out-of-the-moment melancholy. This C75 (containing 22 quite considerately titled tracks) here is spliced as such, providing a full sensory zone as we engage from one game to the other. It’s continually slinking, allowing it to strike constructivist, disengaged bops that can suddenly hit max velocity when the drumming hits the floor or absolute dejection, drifting in a delirious fatigued state.

Hand-stamped rice paper C75 cassette, 2-sided/3-panel Jcard in Norelco case in an Edition of 50 available at the Personal Archives Bandcamp page.