Tabs Out | Episode #172

Feminazgul - split w/ Awenden (Tridroid)
PAQ - Hyphae (Crash Symbols)
Raymond Cummings - Modulate Yourself (No Rent Records)
Zack Dolin - Dawn of Claymation (Ingrown Records)
John Carlini - Fartmare (Bad Cake)
Low - Hey What (Sub Pop)
Jeanne Vomit-Terror - The Hobbyist (Desperate Spirits)
Suryummy - Polynators (Constellation Tatsu)
Ray Monde & J. Novick - s/t (Flophouse)
Dok-S Project - Under a Cloudy Sky (Crash Symbols)
Mistletoe - Syzygy (Mistletoe Productions)
Fire-Toolz - Doom Mix Vol. V (Doom Trip)
Omni Gardens - Amethyst comp (Moon Glyph)
SiP - Amethyst comp (Moon Glyph)

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