Tabs Out | Eternity Hotline – Super Glue

Eternity Hotline – Super Glue

5.21.21 by Matty McPherson

We turn our attention to Sacramento, CA, where upstart label Outer Grid (twice voted “newest label in Sacramento”) has gifted the world a new 6-track smash n’ dash from Eternity Hotline (aka Michael RJ Saalman), entitled Super Glue. Saalman had been spending 2020 home recording as an act of solace. Through Macbook failures and analog salvation (just scope the gear on his previous pieces), Saalman quickly landed on a primordial plan of kraut electronics that wouldn’t feel too out of place at the local coldwave club circa 1983. 

Super Glue is the third in this string of release and moves the club pulses and twinklery to 2023. Even with a title that implies viscosity, this is by no means sticky, icky, nor loopy. “Diamond Psilocybin” opens as a toe-turner, revealing Eternity Hotline’s adherence to the percussive quips and bass beats of his previous releases, but now with the added bonus of being beamed out of this dimension and through the phone lines of an alien outernet. That he was able to even pick them up and rearrange it into these six Ableton deconstructions is its own treat! As a result, tracks like “Jason Christ” hit vivid, dizzying speeds, while “Moon Legs” provides what could be a tangible sound for when you run a C loop without a proper eject sequence!

Edition of 30 from Outer Grid Bandcamp

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