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Cursot – Dopplered Gaze

11.13.20 by Ryan Masteller

Let’s get the presentation of this thing out of the way, shall we? Speaking of shells, this thing is a tactile nightmare, some sort of confetti-paint-sprayed monstrosity that’s rough and feels like it’ll chip under my fingernails if I touch it accidentally. The artist name “Cursot” is hand-stenciled nicely over the paint though, and the whole thing is only slightly opaque, giving the impression that the surface was dipped in a vat prior to the tape being recorded upon. At least I hope so, otherwise it’s not going to play. Oh, and the Norelco is equally splatter-painted. I’m not gonna lie, it looks cool. It feels weird.

I only know this is called “Dopplered Gaze” from the Flophouse Bandcamp page, because that title is nowhere to be found on the tape itself. For those of you unfamiliar with the Doppler effect, you should look it up – it has to do with how waves reach an observer from a source when both observer and source are in motion. I am not in motion – I am sitting on my couch. The source of “Dopplered Gaze” is not in motion – it’s the tape being played in the same room that I’m in. But the WAVES – oh the waves. Those things are so in motion that they’re impossible to ignore (not that I’m trying to ignore them – I’m listening to Cursot for the very purpose of not ignoring them). These waves oscillate all up in here, repeating and reverberating and forming fascinating patterns that I as the observer (listener) of the source (tape) receive and decode and ultimately enjoy. Are these waves coming from a synthesizer? From a bunch of effects? From loops? Who knows! I just know they keep getting pumped out at me.

You could do worse on a rainy day like today than being stuck inside with Cursot’s “Dopplered Gaze” blasting from your speakers, as it’s a great way to spend some time in the gloom. (I almost typed “gloop,” then I realized that’s actually an appropriate word relating to the process of painting both tape and case.) Whether it’s droning thick zones or percolating with viscous liquidity, “Dopplered Gaze” emanates from its source like constant radiation. Now, somebody just figure out what this Cursot’s all about, and we can wrap up this review right nicely. Email’s in the comments.

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