Jeff Brown – Forgive The Trespass

9.23.20 by Tony Lien

Jeff Brown – not only one of Seattle’s ambient heroes, but also a thoughtful music journalist – is back with a free-floating electric 12-string excursion that certainly shimmers and expands with the best of the genre. 

As it often goes with longform ambient pieces, I’m reticent to fully surrender myself to whatever state the given artist hopes to put me in. I typically require a bit of coaxing, being that ambient music requires a sort of passive yet deep attention investment. Thankfully, Brown is a convincing fellow when he has a guitar in his hands and some pedals at his feet. 

Forgive The Trespass” (out now on UK label Rusted Tone Recordings) is almost conversational – its wordless narrative slowly unfolding like that of a tree ent’s account of a past tragedy. In this sense, Brown’s story – told with gentle, reverb-drenched swells – seems to denote an extended moment of self-acceptance and forgiveness. A meditation within a secular space of spirituality.  

Even more so, I feel that he intends for this space to be open to the public. A place for anyone weary of heart or mind to step into and whisper their private mantras. 

As of writing this, there are five copies remaining on the Rusted Tone Bandcamp. I advise purchasing a tape and letting Jeff know that you are by no means offended by his trespassing.