Tabs Out | Episode #159

Primal Winds - The Renegades (Hand'Solo Records)
Whisker - Straight from the Bottle (Unifactor)
Pulse Emitter - Crack of Stone (Expansive)
Bronze Age UFO - Boys Will Be Voids (self released)
Dorota - Solar the Monk (blindblindblind)
Chorchill - Nachtfisch (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Dolphin Brain - Quality Time Vol. 3 comp (Bonding)
E+RO=3 - Quality Time Vol. 3 comp (Bonding)
Embarker - Jetta and the Mountain (Send Help)
Ras G - Raw Fruit Vol. 5 & 6 (Ghetto Sci-Fi Music)
Eiliyas - Crimson & the Indigo (Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co.)
Daniel Kordík - Spojky Čiary (Baba Vanga)

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