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R.E. Seraphin – Tiny Shapes

6.24.20 by Matty McPherson

The Paisley Shirt tape label out of San Francisco has quietly set up shop with a roster dedicated to an alternate history of post-punk where the Monochrome Set and Feelies got books written about them and everyone went to the beach for surf rock parties. (The label promises you’ll “get a good idea of what we’re about” by listening to this zany song)! It’s made for an ideal home documenting west-coast punk that is anything but hardcore. They’ve got songs your dad would love!

Thus it makes sense that R. E. Seraphin’s new solo album, Tiny Shapes, finds a nice home on the label. Already a veteran of making garage rock with the Talkies, Seraphin, with the original Talkies rhythm section, sets his sights on an 80s college rock sound with plenty of bar rock power pop. And yes, it is complete with those kick up drums and power chords that are so dear to the ears. The album wastes no time with the one-two punch of “Today Will Be Kind” and “The Score”, where the emphasis on a jangly, yet chunky sound triumphs over his lowkey, yet endearing vocal delivery. 

It’s an endlessly relistenable power pop dirge fest, with raucous sing-a-longs fit for a pint of rustic saison on the first half AND slow dances for your lonely single-wet-hop IPA sipping nights on the back half! How Seraphin manages to balance the heartfelt, heartstruck, and heartworn energy of power pop is best summed up on Fortuna. Backed by shimmering jangle at the chorus, with a funky bass, Seraphin’s musty, muttering vocals daydream of “I want it all/Fortuna Falls”. When you’re staring at a blank wall with an empty pint glass, you too want Fortuna Falls.

At only the low, low price of $3, it’s an excellent excuse to go and pick up Paisley Shirt’s nearly sold-out lineup of tapes!

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