Tabs Out | Saint Hewitt – Pitted Wizard

Saint Hewitt – Pitted Wizard

1.6.20 by Ryan Masteller

This is one of the funnest things about Saint Hewitt’s “Pitted Wizard,” but you can only find the tracklist on the Bandcamp page, because there aren’t any liner notes in the j-card. Ready? Bear with me:


See, fun right? And maybe now that you can get an idea of the kind of personality we’re dealing with here, you won’t be surprised to find out that this is fully mangled, water-damaged, kaleidoscopic beat tape, a trip as swirly and colorful as the “unique water marbled inserts.” Indeed, Saint Hewitt drips fully lysergic sound collages onto ferric oxide and lets it spin, the result a gyroscoped mess of melted sound sources.

Like any good beat tape, the whole thing runs together in an endlessly replayable mass, the “Pitted Wizard”ness of it leaving chemtrails across your corneas like magic wand residue. The samples sound like they’re constantly in a state of being inundated by the tide, shredded by salt and sand and bleached by sun, only to be periodically submerged. Maybe there’s a magician living in a cave on a beach somewhere who can explain to us the mad meaning of “Pitted Wizard,” but maybe he’d only agree to the interview as a pretense to perform his dark art upon us and make our wallets disappear or something. Make our shoelaces tie together.

Joke’s on him though – I’m a flip flop man.

Anyway, easy dreaming here from Saint Hewitt, and it’s a joy to check out this third of the inaugural Flophouse batch. Edition of 37.

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