Jay Glass Dubs - Earth 2² split w/ Bokeh Edwards (Origin Peoples)
Modal Zork - Oba Goba of Gort Nork (Bumpy)
Dinosaur on Fire - Populous Romantique (Ghost Diamond)
United Power Soul ‎– Moving Fast 4 U (Zaftig)
Hour - Anemone Red (Lily Tapes and Discs)
Anthony Janas - Lucifer, Scooby-Doo, and Me (Nihilist)
Hairbrushing - Two Broken Mirrors and Thirty​-​One Open Windows (Obsolete Staircases)
Dotson - De:termination (Already Dead)
Timothy Fife - Hoichi The Earless (Lighten Up Sounds)
Aidan Baker - Deer Park (Muzan Editions)
Phoned Nil Trio - Gets Nasty (Orb Tapes)
Denseland - Disco Dictionary (Arbitrary)