Lavas Magmas - Saudade (Hideous Seed)
Deterritory - Mistaken Identities (Hideous Seed)
Toon - Cudighi (Cudighi)
dtub - MIDI-Drum Compositions-3 (self released)
FOQL vs RNA2 - Paide & Fischerle presents Doubts comp (Pawlacz Perski)
Quicksails - The Bright (Hausu Mountain)
Ramble Tamble - Outlaw Overtones (Eiderdown)
Dere Moans - Future Deli (Bad Cake)
Darko the Super - Bogus Poetry in the Dizzy Age (Already Dead)
Eightxnights - Lotusxeyes (Bedlam)
Larry Wish & His Guys - The Mouth is the Most Promising (Bumpy)
clipping. - False Positive Crew: Deathbomb Arc 20 Year Anniversary comp (Deathbomb Arc)