Joe & Joe - s/t (Oxen)
Ce qui nous traverse - Volume/brut (Cuchabata)
The Triangle Man - Majick (Bad Cake)
Tom Hall - V/A Compilation 001 (Norelco Mori Limited)
Skeletonized - Defleshed (self released)
Bill Brovold - Superstar (Eh?)
Voice Of Saturn - Shapeshifter (DKA)
King Gbee - Paradism (Cuchabata)
Overscan - The Marriage of Violence and Desire (Muzan Editions)
Adderall Canyonly - The Limits Of All Known Ice (Lighten Up Sounds)
Nmesh - Fire-Toolz Interbeing Remix Vol. 1 (Suite 309)
Erik Levander - Couesnon (Katuktu)
Socialist Plants - Boogie Woogie Thought Crime (Gay Hippie Vampire)