Khaki Blazer – Gelatinous Ground
9.28.16 by Mike Haley


Eventually someone needs to take a hammer to Khaki Blazer’s head so we can all see what flows out of it. I’d imagine the results would be similar to that scene in Ghostbusters when the EPA dick shuts down the high voltage laser containment system and lets loose hordes of goblins and gizmos on NYC.

Khaki Blazer is the solo project of Moth Cock‘s Pat Modugno. And no, I don’t actually want to break open his skull. I was just being silly. But honestly, I most definitely want to bottle and distribute the ecto-kombucha brewing inside that cranium. Khaki has squirted obscure sonicisms on Hausu Mountain, Alien Passengers, and others in the past. His latest plasmic gladiator comes from the brand spanking new Cleveland outfit Unifactor.

“Gelatinous Ground” raids the sugar packet and unlabeled medication caches, nervously blending cocktails and idiosyncrasies. Velvety vocal manipulations mush into eccentric weirdouts. Bubbles pop and thick gels spill. When rapid haphazardness isn’t tugging at your amygdala, Pat cleaves hip hop chunks and kneads em like he’s trying to activate their gluten. At times you almost feel concerned. Is he okay? Why is he doing that with his mouth? Then synthesizer magic swoops in with grace and charm, and you feel even more concerned. Extremely crisp, collected, fist clenching coldness stretches from seconds to minutes. What’s going on now? What happened to the seizure paced, heart burn music? What. Are. You. Trying. To. Hide!?

I don’t know what Khaki Blazer is trying to hide. I love all too much what he is showing. “Gelatinous Ground” was made in an edition of 100 copies and should be purchased by you. While you are at it, pick up the new Sam Goldberg and Bending Spirit tapes. They all sounds dope as h*ck and the artwork is top notch.