Fletcher Pratt – Dub Sessions Vol. 3
8.18.16 by Mike Haley


We have yet to go full Terminator, but for all intents and purposes, the machines have taken over. They build our wares, ring up our groceries, and order us more Gummy Worms from Amazon. They now appear to be dipping a metal toe (part# 795d9) into the creation our dub music summer sessions. At least that’s the way the zone leans on Fletcher Pratt’s engagement with the genre.

Pratt, a Canadian we allow to live within our borders until Trump kicks him out, started his sweltering dub journey in 2011 on Dub Ditch Picnic. Five years later the third chapter of his “Dub Sessions”, released by Crash Symbols in an edition of 100 copies, continues the heat and humidity of it all. The music has a spooky mechanical nature, but is still sweltering. Sizzling. Sultry. One wonders if Fletcher Pratt relaxed pool side while Dubbot-5Px maintained the phantom flow of swank and style. “Dub Sessions Vol. 3” being flush, teeth to toes, with such.

The initial midi-Seinfeld-slap-a-dap bass burst and robotic whine of a mushy goblin (see: News Dub) are doors opening coolly. Through the doors: An outrageous campaign of deep, red-eye zones. Synths corkscrewing through hazes of divine (see: Rainy Dub). Echoey progress reports from the Malware program scanning Dubbot’s mainframe are submitted (see: Trippy Dub). Looking for bugs I suppose. Ain’t gonna find any, mate. These tracks are pure DEET. Or, wait… I think I was talking about computer bugs. That metaphor got away from me. Don’t let this tape get away from you. Grip it so hard and enjoy what is left of the summer and your life.