Chimess – Growth
8.3.16 by Dan Kletter


Listening to “Growth” by Chimess reminds me of sitting on bleachers watching eight, slow roasting innings, unshaded by the heavy embrace of a midsummer’s day heat. Gossamer tones lay a harmonious foundation for low rumblings, faint clicking, analog popping, bubbling, and other echoing, ethereal garnishes. “Growth” is bathed in a series of momentary contemplations, not unlike the somewhat paralyzed feeling of languidly drowning in a fire.

As elusive as its namesake, Chimess appears to have no obvious history or interest in dwelling on the future. In actuality, Chimess has been working quietly for several years and has only recently begun returning little nuggets back into the wild, like a trail of crumbs for us to hopefully, eventually find. And although “Growth” is offered without explanation or expectation, I was fortunate to receive a few electronic carried notes from the artist through a cautious intermediary. Inspired by time spent in Yunnan Province in Western China during the summer of 2013, “Growth” is meant to feel completely organic with a hint of mystery. What kind of person answers a question with a paradox? Is this a euphoric dream or a just another nightmare?

This pro-dubbed C60 is available in an edition of 50 from ((Cave)) Recordings.