Mot – Rebecca’s Spit
1.6.16 by Mike Haley


I can’t go to sleep in silence. If there is any hope of getting even a moderate amount of shut-eye, a TV show or movie I’ve seen 25 – 50 times needs to be streaming on Netflix. Then I’m out like a drugged duck before the credits of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (specifically the Kitten Mittens episode). But sometimes the WiFi goes out, or remote controls are MIA. When that happens I’m left with thoughts. My dismal, depressing thoughts. Because, for some reason, all I can think about while lying in bed is car accidents. Diseases. A stupid thing I said in high school nearly 20 years ago to people who may have died by now in car accidents or from diseases. Every sound is the roof caving in. Every smell is a gas leak. I hate it.

With a comparative load of depressive influence is “Rebecca’s Spit”, a self-released, self-hating C40 by the simply named Mot. This tape has the personality of a clogged sink, but isn’t exactly trying to be the most popular kid at the party anyways. It’s not even sure why it’s at the party. With the agenda to drink cough syrup, explore the basement, and burn family photos, it should have just stayed home. Mot’s opaque malaise is freaking everyone out. The blend of lo-fi, hiss-concealed wind chimes and creaky floors on some of the tracks here make for a laborious listen, especially when coupled with a clobbering amount of distortion and oscillations. It’s thick walls of sound are totally singed, paint pealing. Metallic, hollow blast ring out behind them, devoid of hope and conscious rhythm. There is no joy to be had, unless you get down with back-alley joy. In which case, open up wide.

“Rebecca’s Spit” is limited to 20 copies and available direct from Mot.