1.16.13: The No Kings Process + A Downloadable Sampler

I chatted a bit with Lee Noble, the dude behind No Kings, about the printing process of his releases. He also hooked up a sampler of  No Kings sounds featuring Hobbledeions, K-Lub, Stephen Molyneux, Talk West, Aerial Jungle, Clearing, Andreas Brandal, Coupler, Dusted Lux, Sugar Sk*-*lls, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Soothsayer, Rambutan, Tim Coster, and Virgin Spirit. [Check It Out]


1.13.13: Episode #18

Episode #18 is ready to check. Solid jams from New Age Hillbilly (MT5), Pak (Eggy), dsic (Rano), Fletcher Pratt (Dub Ditch Picnic), Jason E. Anderson (Discriminate), Matt Carlson (Discriminate), Plankton Wat (DNT), Lake Mary (Planetd), Jeremy Kelly (Sweat Lodge Guru), Kosmonaut (Ethereal Mother), Emuul (No Kings), Dinner Music (Bathetic), The Marshmallow Staircase (Summersteps), and Parashi (House Of Alchemy). Also way too much talk about poop for my liking, but what are you gonna do? [Play] [Download – right click/save]

11.28.12: Top 25 Cassettes Of 2012

Here is the Tabs Out Top 25 of 2012. Like any year-end list, it’s not perfect. Some tapes didn’t make the cut because none of us picked them up. Or we just totally spaced on them and forgot. Either way, here is. There are links to all of the labels that released these jams. Please, please, please check them out and grip up what ya can!

#1 Bastian Void “Fluorescent Bells” (Field Hymns)
#2 V/A “Duets” compilation (Tranquility)
#3 Brett Naucke “Home By Now” (Field Studies)
#4 Grasshopper “The Day America Forgot” (SicSic)
#5 Crystal Palace “Spirit Quest” (Rotifer)
#6 Colored Mushroom And The Medicine Rocks “Sunshine Units” (Wagon)
#7 V/A “Inscriptions Vol.2” compilation (Sacred Phrases)
#8 Lace Bows “Pollen Futures” (Hooker Vision)
#9 J.D. Emmanuel “Peaceful Kingdom Concert 1982” (Sonic Meditations)
#10 Quiet Evenings / Former Selves split (Constellation Tatsu)
#11 Quintron “Singing House Demo Vol.1” (Spirit Candle)
#12 Voder Deth Squad “II” (SicSic)
#13 Jonathan James Carr “Well Tempered Ignorance” (Field Hymns)
#14 Tearist “Purple Video” (Nostilevo)
#15 Run DMT / Tracey Trance split (C.G.I.Friday)
#16 Aaron Dilloway “Tractor Cuts” (Robert & Leopold)
#17 The Aleph s/t (Tape Drift)
#18 Quicksails / Head Boggle split (Discriminate Bonus Series)
#19 Rambutan “Typhoon Shapes” (Cae-Sur-A)
#20 Mark Bradley / No Mind Meditation split (Goldtimers)
#21 Bil Vermette “Archives I” (Field Studies)
#22 Rust Worship “Deposit Of Despondency” (Tape Drift)
#23 Caldera Lakes “Live At Ogden Theatre” (Dokuro)
#24 Steve Kenney “Dawn Widow” (Imminent Frequencies)
#25 Developer / Moth Cock split (A Soundesign Recording)