Hey, kid! Are you ready to LEVEL UP with the OFFICIAL PLAYER'S GUIDE to Pepper Mill Rondo's breakout debut "E.D.M." on Hausu Mountain?! For an hour and 40 minutes follow HausMo founders Doug Kaplan and Max Allison (aka: P3PP3R R0ND0) on an exhaustive and encyclopedic track-by-track analysis of their bellicose and HIGHLY ILLEGAL!! pillaged sound rammies!! Discover the vape reviewers, Parrotheads, and Chili Peps that fuel this HIGHLY ILLEGAL!! action!!!


To say that Already Dead is one of the most productive, genre-traversing tape labels there is would be so friggin dumb. They are thee most productive, genre-traversing tape labels there is. And each year they are kind enough to make up a compilation, a mix tape really, featuring label alumni, buds, and whatever they think we should hear and enjoy. Comp number VIII just came out, so we dove in for a bonus ep. 


To celebrate ten years, and 100 releases, NNA has put together an impressive six cassette box set housed in a custom aluminum box featuring unreleased tracks from artist that span the label's catalog. To celebrate that celebrating, we decided to convene an emergency Tabs Out session to grease up and tackle this sucker called "Centennial." It's BONUS TIME, baby!


78 thumb1.31.16: Episode #78

This episode is at full bars with tons of free WiFi. Plus, as an added bonus, we played tapes by Klenengan Gadhon, Feast, Shepherd, bran(…)pos, Benjamin Esterlis, Lonely City, The Hydra, Grease Envelope, Hollow Light, Robert Donne Stephen Vitiello and The OO-Ray (Ted Laderas), Babau, Worldhate, Euglossine, Golden Living Room, Grand Banks, Föld, and Drub. Brought to you by Dwarfcraft Devices. [Play] [Download – right click/save]