Tabs Out | Episode #170

Flanger Magazine - Forgotten Fields (Unifactor)
Coral Club - Nowhere Island (Not Not Fun)
Id M Theft Able ‎– Folk Or Stereo Separation In Thrift Stores (Mang-Disc)
Satin Spar - Grey Fox Dreamwalk (Shadowtrash Tape Group)
Multiform Palace - s/t (Specious)
XUXWXUX - s/t (Already Dead)
Mamman Sani - Taaritt (Sahel Sounds)
Kim's Spirit - Blossom Everywhere (Vague Intl)
Friemd - s/t (Vague Audio Tapes)
Military Industrial Complex - Victory Garden (Crippled Sound)

Tabs Out | Episode #169

Credo in Deum - Eschatology comp (No Part Of It)
Sharkula x Mukqs - Take Caution on the Beach (Hausu Mountain)
Angry Blackmen & Khaki Blazer - Arc Mountain comp (Deathbomb Arc/Hausu Mountain)
Tunnel Speeches - s/t (Specious)
Night Foundation - Let There Be Light (Flophouse)
Julie Hill - s/t (Galtta Media)
Linda Smith - Untitled (Almost Halloween Time)
DJ Headboggle - split w/ Bran(...)Pos (Rubber City Noise)
Newagehillbilly - Last Call (Tarnished Tapes)
Marsha Fisher - split w/ Matthew Crowe (Orb Tapes)
Supreme Joy - Joy (self released)
Powl Dune - Pattern from Town Beach (self released)
Moth Bucket - split w/ Women of the Pore (FTAM Productions)
Delaware Dan - Marketing Jingles, Vol. II (KSP Tapes)

Tabs Out | Episode #168

Keith Rankin pops in to discuss the undeniable sexual tension of his new Giant Claw recording.

Giant Claw - Mirror Guide (Orange Milk)
Portal - Seepia (Darkness Attacks)
Repulsar - Fungal Hallucinogens Send Cicadas on Sex Binges After Their Genitals Fall Off (Stucco)
Duro Double Life - Psyched for the Yin-Yang (Haord)
Cacero Lazo - love in the time of lowercase (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Zac Davis - The Land Of The Sinking Sand (The Gift Of Music)
Torben Ulrich & Lori Goldston - Oakland Moments (Obscure & Terrible)
Jonathan Snipes - Mope (Deathbomb Arc)
Umbra & sZARSz - split (Crash Symbols)
Les Filles de Illighadad - s/t (Sahel Sounds)
Compactor ‎– Hold Music (Waste Management)

Tabs Out | Episode #167

Anthony Saunders and J Soliday stop by to play our (fan favorite) Tape Label or Weed Strain quiz.

Shingles - I Want To Get High / Because I Got High (Baked Tapes)
Fuck Lungs - 2th (Already Dead)
Turner Williams Jr - Seasonal Séance: Vernal Equinox comp (Sweet Wreath)
Skunk Ape - Ground Hums (Drongo Tapes)
Hypertrophy - Sarcoplasmic / Myofibrillar (self released)
Nite Lite - Marlene (Stunned Records)
Personal Bandana - This Time It's​.​.​. (Woodford Halse)
Knox Mitchell - split w/ Interstates (Etc.) (Green Records and Tapes)
J Soliday - Garble Blox (Traced Objects)
João Orecchia & Sicker Man - Pluton/Neptune (Other Electricities)
Nate Trier + Encym ‎– New Anight (self released)

Tabs Out | Episode #166

Larry Wish - Comb Hair (Bumpy)
Jeff Gregory - Advanced MIDI Projects Vol.1 (Intensive Purposes)
Ancient Boreal Forest - A Relic From The Sands of Time (Out of Season)
Pedestrian Deposit - Debilitant • Erase • Stitching (Monorail Trespassing)
Ûkcheânsâlâwit - Alaskan Escape (Les Productions Hérétiques)
ZekeUltra - From Time (Utica Records)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - Notes Above Land (self released)
SR388 - Where No Clouds Go (Bonding)
Ben Varian - Cudighi Sampler Platter III comp
Equimanthorn - Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (Les Fleurs du Mal Productions)
Chunyin - A Thousand Tones compilation (Elestial Sound)

Tabs Out | Episode #165

Low Pass Killer - Crust Funk (Spider Baby)
The Brankas - Warble and Fuzz compilation (Drongo)
Weaving - s/t (self released)
Mike Nigro - In Communion (Alien Garage)
H Lite - A.V. Tone Alterations (Multidim Records)
Field Recordings from the Sahel (Sahel Sounds)
Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 - Silicon Soul (Suite 309)
With The End In Mind - Tides of Fire (Avantgarde Music)
Danny Potpourri ‎– Leaves Room (Moss Archive)
Sonic Youth - Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father comp (NME)
Marsha Fisher - New Ruins (Full Spectrum)

Tabs Out | Episode #164

Bolus Calcs - Harod 2 comp (Haord)
Slugbug - Harod 2 comp (Haord)
Sea Moss - Bidet Dreaming (Crash Symbols)
Neige & Norceur - La Seigneurie Des Loups (Les Productions Hérétiques)
Ophibre - split w/ Patrick Emm (Ghetto Naturalist Series)
Godflesh - Post Self (Hospital Productions)
Failing Lights - New Year's Eve Dark Ambient (Hospital Productions)
Ocean Floor - Vernalis (Eiderdown)
James A McDermid - s/t (Sounds Against Humanity)
Floor - Oblation (Season of Mist)
Machine Listener - Headfooter (Unifactor)
The Sloppy Boys - Paradiso (Kerchow)
Forgotten Sword - s/t (Resistance Sound)