Tabs Out | WHEREAS – CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet

WHEREAS – CMMZOZMM – Electronic Quartet
2.3.17 by Mike Haley


Cameron MacNair, Mike Meanstreetz, Omar Zubair, and Maneesh Madahar decided to burn all maps, pack a lunch (and some rando “instruments”), and just go explore their surroundings. For forty minutes they wandered about, stopping here and there, eventually returning with this stupid good tape on Tingo Tongo.

The cassette is one long track split up into two equal parts. While there’s totally a ton of room carved out for sticky, meditative improv, WHEREAS‘ no-edit circus “CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet” is highlighted by it’s wonderful micro agitations. Rogue chunks of detached, frustrated, and otherwise deviated sounds that band together to form freaked out, and rather unpredictable networks. It starts off with a low key vibration; a cool tremor that plods up your leg every so chill like. Then the itsy bitsies begin to skitter out. A miscellanea of buttoned down electronics, slightly out of place samples, and grisly guitar echo flashbomb the avocado-like rumble that is still working things out in the background. Created is a sonic jittering that can be unnerving, even when the quartet dips into their more casual jam territories. Don’t be surprised if your hand is shaking like you consumed one too many cups of coffee, even when virtually nothing is happening. That is the hectic residue of WHEREAS’ slimey patchwork still in your system. They serve it up thick, and aren’t afraid to bust out a run of pitched vocals over metallic clamor or some other weird mishmash.

An edition of 100 copies is available here. Go get one.