The tapes that we play on the podcast and write about are tapes that we physically have. We do not play digital files or any other format. If you would like to send something over for us to check out here is our mailing address:

Tabs Out
905 North Jackson Street
Wilmington, DE 19806

Please keep in mind that we get A LOT of tapes and can’t cover everything. We listen to every single tape that shows up, and do our best to spread the word, but just can’t get to it all.

You can email us about advertising or anything else:

Tabs Out podcast are 100% free to listen to, and thank you for doing so! It does however cost a bit of money on our end to do them. Things like replacing / upgrading gear, web hosting, etc. It adds up. If you would like to throw some bucks our way to help out that would be very VERY much appreciated! Click the button to make a donation with Paypal.