Tabs Out Subscription Series tapes are only available to people who make Chrome Donations to the podcast. They are limited to the number of Chrome Donators (and the artist’s copies), exclusive release, and personalized. You can download digital versions on our Bandcamp.


Next Release: #11: TALsounds

Past Releases:

Tabs Out #10: Dane Patterson “Septigram” C32
Taking highs and lows to extremes, sound and visual artist Dane Patterson offers up a dizzying sonic adventure on Septigram. The tape is accompanied by a Tabs Out Tshirt designed by Patterson, which he is wearing on the cover. Limited to 40 hand numbered/named copies.

Tabs Out #9: German Army “Tokodede” C26
More cosmic tropics from the shadowy German Army unit. Peter Kris and GT simmer many a beat, vocal, and vibe. Comes packaged in a metal hinged box, hand numbered and named, limited to 41 copies.

Tabs Out #8: V/A “God’s Power” C46
We asked people to submit tracks using the ailments on that bat shit crazy sign (pictured on the cover) as their artist name. The best were chosen and voilà. The tapes are pro-dubbed, limited to 50 copies, and come in silk screened boxes w/ a vile of “meds” to cure what ails ya. Every copy will is hand numbered and named.

Tabs Out #7: Sun Drain “Trapped In Plaster” Cassette
Duo of two Tabs Outers, Dave Doyen (Vales/Roped Off) and Ian Franklin (Shredderghost/Floralplasm). Tape comes housed in a plaster brick. What does it sound like? You’ll have to get it out to hear it. Limited to 31 hand numbered/named copies.

Tabs Out #6: MICROFL▼RSCNCE “V” C32
The bi-continental frost factory known as MICROFL▼RSCNCE brings two static chiller slurps in diecut packaging. Limited to 29 hand numbered/named copies.

Tabs Out #5: Aaron Dilloway “Siena” C48
Raw recordings made inside and outside in Siena Italy, summer of 2012. 29 hand numbered/named copies packaged in silk screened Brad Paks.

Tabs Out #4: Circuit Rider “Culprit” C26
circuit rider
Derek Rogers & Lee Noble muse and modulate for nearly a half an hour. Limited to 32 hand numbered/named copies with silk screened circuit boards.

Tabs Out #3: Motion Sickness Of Time Travel “Remixes” C60
Eleven MSOTT tracks remixed by Aloonaluna & Christopher Fleeger, Jim Haynes, Cliffsides, Imperial Topaz, Wether, Grant Evans, Hobo Cubes, Mitchell Turner, Villages, Lawrence English, and Olli Aarni. Includes a full color, coil bound booklet with collage work by Rachel Evans.

Tabs Out #2: Jump Rope “Hemp Breakers” C38
jump rope
Another live Roped Off (mike & dave of tabs out) collaboration, this time with Josh Millrod & Jesse DeRosa of Grasshopper. Recorded during a snowed-in trip to NYC @ The Temple Of Pei. Red tape with an 18 panel cover inside a sewn pouch. 26 hand numbered/named copies.

Tabs Out #1: Afteroomed “Tall Grass” C22
An in-person collaboration between Afterlife, Bedroom, and Roped Off recorded in Wilmington, DE late in 2012. Packaged in a wooden box with pasted on, wrap-around covers. There is an insert inside the lid that is hand numbered (out of 19 copies) with the owner’s name written on it.