Tabs Out | Fire Death / Semaphore For Annie Besant – Split

Fire Death / Semaphore For Annie Besant – Split
5.26.15 by Mike Haley

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Hot damn, my toes are curling up in anticipation for this one. And I have weird lil’ stubby toes, so I can only really pull that sort of thing off for cream of the crop action. The real deal. Like Holyfield. And I’m thinking that is what we got going on here with this upcoming split C60 from Cleveland mega-heads Fire Death and Semaphore For Annie Besant. Fire Death is the buy-two-get-one-free jazz outfit consisting of Ben “The Stone Bone” Osborne (previously of Tusco Terror stardom), J Guy Laughlin, and Matthew Gallagher. A couple of months ago they dropped “Circuits Of The Stars”, their first release as a trio. You may remember our very own Ian Franklin gushing about it. Or maybe you heard it at the start of Episode 64. I don’t know, I’m not in your head, man. Either way, it was nutso, and sources close to the gentleman inform me that a 25 minute, uninterrupted blast marathon is in store for the split with Semaphore For Annie Besant…..

Wait… Who?

Yes, that is what you’re thinking right now, ain’t it? “WHO the gash dag gum is Semaphore For Annie Besant!?” Calm down, pardon your french, and I’ll tell ya. SFAB is the seasoned duo of Telecult Powers’ Witchbeam and the Fluxed Monkey himself, Fluxmonkey (aka: Bbob). Freaks who are known to lay waste to home built, hoodtronik’d synthesizers. A six minute clip from their side was found in an underwater cave, being guarded by a half snake / half octopus / half skeleton wearing a top hat. That’s three fucking halves!! You can only imagine the difficult task of retrieving it. Out of respect to those who lost their lives reclaiming the sounds, listen to them right now. Get sucked into the maddening agitation of oscillations and hoodo-dribble.

Preorder the cassette, witch (get it? #pun) will be made in an edition of 100 on Gallagher’s nameless label, by clicking these words.

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