Tabs Out | Daniel Wyche – The Fire in the Lacquer House

Daniel Wyche – The Fire in the Lacquer House
1.21.15 by Mike Haley

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This time last year (this exact day, actually) Pretty All Right Records released Daniel Wyche’s “The Fire in the Lacquer House”, a C20 where Wyche brought life to scores by Jonathan Lang and Ted Gordon. The side long tracks were mega-plush drifters, juxtaposed overly relaxed vibes with coarse guitar encounters, and (up until this week) ungripable on tape format. Thanks to Lillerne Tapes, 50 more heads will get a chance to hover in the ether with these zoners, by way of magnetic tape. The second edition sports new artwork (with a dude straight up throwing an elephant) but the same sounds. Sounds that will have you taking up residence in a hazy, twenty minute dream sequence as gnat sized sound bugs do a creepy crawl through your ear canal. Don’t worry, you wont mind they are in there. The title track on side A, “The Fire in the Lacquer House” (that’s the Lang piece) has a stream of blanketed guitar (and possibly synthesizer) parts shifting and braiding together, consistently keeping their cool, and being way interesting. The same style heats up the B side’s “The Burning of the Khandava Forest” (The Gordon piece), eventually transforming into a heavily compacted, stormy session.

Get your booty on over to Lillerne’s Bandcamp and dish over the moola ($5 + postage) for “The Fire in the Lacquer House”. A new cassette by solar chillers Glass House is also available. You can check out the entire Wyche joint below.

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