Out-Of-Body Hi Fi Stereo VHS

Out-Of-Body Hi Fi Stereo VHS
10.11.14 by Mike Haley


Now that Blockbuster is out of the picture, Out-Of-Body Recs seems fully prepared to ease in and fill the hole in the VHS world. But before they get around to dubbing the classics like Water World, Short Circuit, and Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (the one with Tony Hawk), they’re gonna deal with a few more obscure titles. The list of future VHS’s on their site looks pretty sweet, with names like Alberich, Profligate, and label-head Rob Buttrum’s Filth project all on board for some hot VHS action. The first two, due out later this month, will be from Regosphere and Somnaphon, complete with sick artwork that mimics (or maybe steals from??) old, cult horror flicks.

While you prep your VCR, check out the glitched-out trailer for Somnaphon’s “Anthology Of Errors” below. Hit up Out-Of-Body’s website and/or Facebook for news, as preorders should be up soon (this weekend?). And don’t be afraid to order pretty much every cassette they have released so far.

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