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Soundholes Live Through This
1.17.14 by Mike Haley


If you made it past that awful pun of a headline then you deserve to know about the sub-label that Soundholes started called Soundholes Live Editions. As you may have gathered from it’s name, Soundholes Live Editions is an imprint for (wait for it) live recordings. It was started back in May of last year, fucking EONS ago in the cassette universe, but I’m just hearing about it now so here we go. The first two releases, by A Snake In The Garden and BBBlood, came out in minuscule editions of 20 copies each. They’re simply named for the places where the sets took place, “Live At The Marilyn Mansion” (great name for a venue) and “Live At Crater Lake” respectively, with black and white artwork.  Both are still available.

They also come on CDr, in larger editions than the cassette versions actually, but let’s not talk about that. Ya’ start mentioning CDrs, then you’re talking about MP3s, and who knows what’s next. It’s a slippery slope, my friends. Let’s focus on the cassettes! 13:12 of audio from A Snake In The Garden, 18:43 from BBBlood. material repeats on the B side for both of these guys. Check em out.

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