Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | Laser Focus #3: Orange Milk

Laser Focus #3: Orange Milk
1.6.14 by Tabs Out


Can I be real with you? I mean really real for a second. In the ever-expanding universe of cassette labels Orange Milk is the best thing going. Their visual work is staggering, an homage to 80’s video game artwork and 90’s virtual reality landscapes. Their artist roster is the most unique and exciting out there, packed with names you’ve never heard before creating sounds you’ve never heard before. The execution of bringing those together makes for mind boggling cassettes.

We talked with Seth Graham and Keith Rankin, the dudes behind the label, about how things got started and where they are going. We talked about their duo Cream Juice and what they like and hate about experimental music. And poop. We talked a lot about poop.

And, of course, we played some tapes:
– Cream Juice “Man Feelings”
– Developer / Quilt split
– Ventla “Smuggled”
– Jerry Paper “International Man Of Misery”
– Homeowner “Themes From 172”
– Foodman “Shokuhin”

You can listen to Laser Focus #3 on Tiny Mix Tapes >> HERE.



Orange Milk or Video Game Cover

The amazing fucking artwork for Orange Milk Releases, usually made by label heads Keith Rankin & Seth Graham, tends to have a style similar to classic video game artwork from the 1980’s. We grabbed 15 snippets of artwork, some from covers of Orange Milk cassettes, other from old video game boxes. Your mission: Figure out which is which.

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