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10.17.13: RRR’s Turning 30, Wants To Donate “Humungous” Noise Collection

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RRR Records opened up shop in Lowell, MA back on Jan 3, 1984 and will soon be turning 30 years old. Instead of cake, some balloons, maybe a pony ride, owner & operator Ron Lessard (known affectionately throughout the noise world as Emil Beaulieau) wants to celebrate by donating his entire cassette and cdr noise collection! Now, before you get all giddy thinking you’re about to become the proud owner of what Ron calls the “largest collection of noise and noise related activity in the USA”, keep in mind that he hopes the collection heads to a museum or university. He could use some direction getting this philanoisethropic venture going, so if you work at The Library Of Congress AND are into The New Blockaders, get in touch with this man! Contact info is available here.

Here is the original message Ron posted on Facebook:


I’ll keep this post updated with any hot new info!



Ron has begun posting pics from his collection on Facebook.
This is the first one, posted on 10/23. A mystery pic. Anyone know what it is? Ron has an idea but isn’t totally sure. 🙂

Here’s the second pic Ron posted on 10/24. Some old Merzbow tapes.

A third picture posted on 10/25.  Sutcliffe Jugend “We Spit On Their Graves” 10 cassette box set released by Come Organisation in 1982.

Ron posted a bunch of pictures on Sunday 10/27. Here are a few of them.
Velveeta “Guns And Butter” C90 released by Butt Liquor Records in 1991.

A couple tapes from Metgumbnerbone.

Enough Whitehouse to keep ya busy for a long loooooooong time.

Four tapes from Yugoslavian artist Mario Marzidovsek from the 1980’s posted on 10/29.

A stack of Smersh goodness posted on 11/1.

This Stolen Government Binder Clip “Happy Motoring” C60 was posted on 11/4. It was released by Megalomania Cassettes in 1987.

Minds blown… Ladies and germs, the TAPE CUBE! Posted on 11/5.

Three tapes from R. Stevie Moore, released in the early 80’s. Ron posted these on 11/7.

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