Lavender Blood – Lake Pier / Total Noon

10.26.21 by Matty McPherson

The wheels at Turlin may not churn out a new finding every moon, although we’ll take once every blue moon with the stylish debut of Lavender Blood with a dual-colored C25. There’s scant information about the artist, but a litany of tidbits about recording–Yamaha VSS-200, Skychord Utopia and Tascam Dr-07 MKII — as well as that the pieces were meant to imagine “life free of the hazards of time and space.” Over its time length, roughly that of a UV acne mask treatment FWIW, it diffuses tension spotlessly and with efficiency. Sounds utilitarian? Indeed!

Lake Pier (Yellow Side) is grandiose without succumbing to mere theatrics. With a gradual, yet gnarly fade-in, the piece’s intensity is able to linger and slowly diffuse throughout the space. Each droning note sounds massive, adding unique refinements to the soundscape that soundtrack a calm within the storm. Indeed, it is worthwhile to play with your volume knobs to here this blare at full throttle as much as refine to background. Total Noon (Blue Side) is an omnipresent haze, cyclically sauntering through its gaseous state, Recorded years after Total Noon, it opens itself up to interpretation as a continued refinement or oblique inversion of said track found on Yellow Side. The emphasis on guitar loops is pretty, without succumbing to the grey disintegrations of similar work found alongside labels like the Flenser.

Edition of 25 available from Turin