Xah – Approaching the Absolute Periphery

8.31.21 by Jacob DeRaadt

Scrap metal noise has a long-standing place in experimental music circles.  From the anti-music aktions of New Blockaders and the Haters to modern masters like K2, Knurl, and Macronympha, artists have assimilated the discarded waste of industrial society into the fabric of their sound. From absolute processed and edited symphonies of prickly precision to stark documents of material abuse.

Xah is an unfamiliar name to this reviewer, but after a couple listens, I’ll be keeping an eye on this project. No discernible effects are used in these very raw and energetic recordings; a barrage of different techniques and structures are worn into entropic bliss. Xah alternately coaxes low-end gurgling and high-end screeching out of their set up.  This short tape is a great introduction to a killer project that I can’t wait to hear more from.

“A C30 Cassette dubbed in real time housed in a silver norelco with professionally printed j cards and labels.” Available from Cruel Symphonies.