Tabs Out | Cassilda and Carcosa – Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, & Tap

Cassilda and Carcosa – Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, & Tape

6.15.21 by Matty McPherson

Cassilda and Carcosa’ Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, & Tape was given a digital release about a half a sun-cycle ago, before a tape reissue last March. Coming out of Ingrown Records’ March batch you wouldn’t expect to find an IDM and techno affair. Especially not one that seamlessly blends naturalistic drums and synths like its Ki Oni but for the bustle of Brooklyn. And yet, here we are with a sound jam that keeps razor sharp focus.

The artist left a note that revealed only that the eight pieces concocted were a DAWless affair. They work all day with computers and wanted to “get as far away” (In case you are a bit out of the loop about what DAWless entails, this helpful guide explains what it looks like and its origins). C&C’s zones, especially with names like “fm_acid_func” and “No Masks?!” are exploratory, like you just stumbled into the quarantine concert. Tracks thrillingly unfold and build up new patterns under poppin, fizzy synths. While the first side emphasizes how these elements electroclash against wicked drum composers, side B invokes more synth zones. The 8 minute closer, “Cloud Waves,” practically dives into the sound of the crevices of sunlight from under a childhood bed.

Copies available from Ingrown.

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