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R.E.E.L. – Music for Psychedelic Duelling

1.12.21 by Ryan Masteller

It’s a warzone, it really is. A wasteland. A bloodbath. R.E.E.L. – or Rapid Eye Electronics Limited – has been around for a while, so they’ve seen some really intense things, experienced firsthand the absolute carnage of the UK Psychedelic Duelling Wars of 1979–89. It was here, in the trenches, where they pitted their minds against the minds of other masters and fought for unbridled supremacy. Armed with $1.00 acid (just a guess – see j-card) and a vast amount of sound samples, they went toe to toe (or head to head) with other duelists in telekinetic battles to determine ultimate supremacy over their foes. That they’ve survived at all is a massive accomplishment – I’m feeling scathed just listening to this thing.

So “Music for Psychedelic Duelling” is both soundtrack to and arsenal in the titular struggle. It acts as a mind enhancer, to get yourself in the right headspace, to use as a battle tactic against your foes, to trip you out completely if you’re doing none of those things. What starts as warped kosmische ratchets down to seasick outer-space dub, and you can feel the third eye opening right in the middle of your forehead. (It’s not literally there – don’t be alarmed.) That eye sees all, perceives your opponent, targets their weaknesses. Then it unleashes a barrage of tribal techno that DARES anyone who goes against you to keep up with it. And that’s when you realize that “Music for Psychedelic Duelling” is two thirty-minute workouts – you can keep your foe going for a whole hour before having to figure out what to do next!

On the “Repose” side (side A is “Prayer”), the duelists pull back, allowing the synthetic atmosphere to fill the space while they recharge. Don’t allow yourself to be lulled into a stupor! You’ll lose the duel, and possibly become a total casualty of the war. As a rhythm slowly emerges to undergird your psychic renewal, the energy intensifies around you, until it’s ready to be unleashed in the direction of your opponent. I think this is what happens in Dragonball Z, maybe Mortal Kombat, but mentally. Once you win – you’ll obviously win – you can walk away from the conflict confident in your psychic warfare abilities. You’ll have to master this skill at some point – the twenty-first century depends on it. 

Edition of 50 from Zona Watusa – comes with A5 poster and a Zona Watusa sticker. All that cool stuff!

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