New Batch – Unifactor

1.4.21 by Matty McPherson

In between going through some 2020 tapes, I guess it was time to ring 2021 in with something.. NEW!

Unifactor Tapes, the wildly successful barnburning Bandcamp label, has announced yet another trio of delicious tapes (with art by Nathan Bowers-who may have also done the art for a Christmas Emeralds tape…) slated for later this month. Though I guess Jason Gercyz didn’t get the memo about numbering his batches. As far as I know, it goes 11, 12, 14 – NOT 11, 12, [REDACTED, number Too Scary]*.

This trio is stacked with those BPMs and at least two players connected to Unifactor already:

Machine Listener is Matthew Gallagher (whose art you may recall from Unifactor’s Batch #11) and their Machine Listener Project is about to go further into 90’s Warp IDM with Headfooter (available at 90% off non-Warp 90’s tape prices!). If you’ve loved Machine Listener’s HausMo zones, then the self-titled single already plays like a demented game of capture the flag from the Jet Set Radio Future sequel that never was.

Spednar is Kevin Bednar (the mastering person for {arsonist}’s Batch #11 release as well) and his Coniunctio promises a “union between amelodic percussion experiments and time-averse harmonic landscapes”. Leading single “eh o el” approaches a drum n’ bass deconstruction for those who like to chill at the rave. 

Finally, local Cleveland, OH legend, Noah Anthony, joins the Unifactor Tapes team with his Deuce Avenue moniker for Perennial Fire and Life. Could his “synth disintegration” and “bass rushes” might be the tape that wins a new fandom from 100% Silk? Regardless, “Jealously” is a delicious slice of light dancery.

In fact, I’m realizing this is maybe Unifactor Tape’s danciest batch in ages! I guess in between bringing free jazz to the Carpark roster, Jason Gercyz wants to dance. Just don’t number it after a bad number next time Jason, okay?!

Pick from yr faves or pre-order in a batch! Either way, do it soon before they make one of those gosh darned lists and sell out!

*batch numbering 11, 12, 12a, 14 are also accepted

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