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Greathumour – He’s a Survivor

9.9.20 by Ryan Masteller

Lookee here – I ASSUME I’m being bombarded to the point of insanity at all times by all media through all channels, and I do this so that I’m ready for anything. Yeah, we’re all insatiable gluttons of culture who maul and masticate and swallow and digest anything and everything that crosses our path. But we should all understand that I’m at the pinnacle of processing signals and retaining the information that’s beamed at me. I honestly have no equal.

Greathumour (North Carolina, not British) tries to keep up with me, and provides me with the challenge I so desperately want and/or need. (No, it’s “want.” I don’t “need” anything.) “He’s a Survivor” sets off some minor warning signs, as this title suggests Max Eastman, the artist behind the Greathumour moniker, has seen some shit. Depending on the intensity level of said shit, I may be in for a bit of a ride. Honestly, I’m not counting on losing this fight, so … challenge accepted.

“Dying for Cigarettes” is on and I’ve already won, because I’m not a smoker (athlete). Still, media is beamed in through bursts of static and melting tape loops, and I’ll tell you, if you’re not as prepared as I am, you might be in for a little bit of a ride here – “He’s a Survivor” is actually not for the faint of heart. “Bastardization Index” comprises the second side, but I don’t really have a context for that – I’m just sitting here, cool as a cucumber, not breaking a sweat as sirens and lasers and radio programs blast me from all sides. OK, maybe I broke a little bit of a sweat, but it’s not that much! You have to train, after all, Take it from an athlete like me. 

OK, I’m pretty sure I can stimulus-intake any of you goons under the table. You’ll get knocked out by “He’s a Survivor,” but I’ll be fine. There are four left of twenty-two from Tribe Tapes.

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