Tabs Out | Wodorosty – Natura ślepca

Wodorosty – Natura ślepca

8.27.20 by Ryan Masteller

Dropped us right in there, didn’t you Wodorosty? Right into the maelstrom of sax, electronics, synthesizers. Into that vat of dark ambient textures and vibe. But it isn’t all dark and ambient and textured, is it? No way. That sax is – how can I put this without giving the wrong impression? – super playful. I mean, I think Wodorosty wants to try to put together a “serious” ambient release, but they start recording, and that saxophone just can’t keep itself under control. It wants to be the incidental music in a 1960s Hitchcock! It wants to follow Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant around dark corners. 

The duo Wodorosty probably snickers to themselves as they’re doing it.

The building blocks are all there. The tension of the electronics, the texture, the mood. Sometimes clicks and pops sound like footsteps in the dark, then the sax emerges, sometimes treated, sometimes not, and melds in just the absolute right way with the atmosphere. There’s not a whole lot more to it than that. But the execution is utterly masterful, and Wodorosty had my attention in a vice grip the entire time. I felt like I had to keep looking over my shoulder as I listened, but I also felt like I was onto something, and if I just kept going a little further, I’d figure it out. The mysterious Natura ślepca was watching my six the whole way.

Google Translate gives me “the nature of the blind man” for the title translation. Go figure!

Via Plaża Zachodnia: “For collectors. Only 12 copies and 5 for sale.” C’mon collectors, get collecting!

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