Tabs Out | Chosen Evil – Suffocation Ritual

Chosen Evil – Suffocation Ritual

1.27.20 by Ryan Masteller

Now that the holidays are over, I can start writing again. You’d think that some time off from work would be relaxing, but you’d be wrong. All those Christmas presents that you have to buy, and then wrap? That’s really stressful! But now that all the Nintendos and LEGO men and Matchbox cars have been unveiled and kids are back at school and the ol’ inbox is all cleaned out (not to mention that there’s no traveling in the immediate future), I can focus again, turn my mind toward creative endeavors. Like writing.

About something called “Suffocation Ritual” by Chosen Evil.

That features a prominently screamed vocal “Mutilate me!” on its first track.

What am I getting myself into here? This is either an appropriate primal response to pent-up anxiety or a white-knuckled thrill ride on a runaway mining car (the Indiana Jones kind) that I’m not ready for. I teeter in the middle, breathing quickly but feeling a modicum of relief. Chosen Evil – a suggestion that a decision has actively been made! – square up the synth-damaged post-punk fastball and knock it to hell with spiked Louisville Sluggers, detonating the uranium-laced electronics within it in a static mushroom cloud of dense hatred. Tabs Out readers, this is not one for kids, so put them to bed first! The sicko(s) wallows in disgust for a full fifty minutes before even letting up, and that’s only probably because the tape ran out. Who knows how much heaving destruction they’ve backed up on those hard drives?

There are only two of these disgusting green things (tape shells, not whatever bile-coated horror you’ve dreamed up) available at the moment from NULLZ0NE, so you better act fast!

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