Tabs Out | Van Jack – Summer Electrohits Zero

Van Jack – Summer Electrohits Zero

10.7.19 by Ryan Masteller

Did you know that summertime in Brazil is in December? Me neither! Give me those good old American seasons in the right months so we can take our vacations properly. Can you imagine the Fourth of July fireworks celebration happening at the same time as New Year’s? It would throw everything off, and that’d even be before you consider the market hit with Big Fireworks having to consolidate all its budgeting to Q4. Too big to fail!

But this isn’t about my stock portfolio or the untold millions I’d lose if somehow we’d start catering to the Global South. This is about the party, the “Summer Electrohits,” as the Som Livre compilations were known as. Fortunately, we’ve got an intrepid sound scientist in Van Jack, who traveled from future Brazil throughout his country’s 2000s summer shindigs collecting the unmitigated truth of freedom of body, mind, and soul. I’m talking about the dancefloor, and I’m talking about not entering it sober or inhibited or square or stupid in any way. I’m talking about letting it go, letting it loose, and letting the groove overtake you to the point where you’re one with the eternal season, where youth and life infiltrate your bloodstream and pulse along with the drum machines and synthesizers. 

Van Jack does all this. Van Jack harnesses the power of the club and runs it through some thick zones, pounding an unflinching humid party vibe through your temples till it impacts your frontal lobe. Then you’re powerless to resist the good time, the camaraderie. Yeah, it may sound like an alien sound source slowly melting into a nuclear morass at points, but that’s just the texture. It’s all good, always.

Summer in December … who’da thunk it.

Tape on Houndini Mansions, edition of only freaking 25 – awoooOOOOOOoooo with me at the moon!

… Not Houndini, but Houdini? … No – that’s not funny, I don’t get it.

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