Tabs Out | Episode #144

Új Bála - Diacritical Marks And Angels (Baba Vanga)
Seth Graham - Hint (Mondoj)
??? - ??? (???)
Spaghetti Blacc - split w/ Gamnad737 (Moontone / Blacc Ski Weekend)
Malk - WMAIDIT (Lost Tribe Sounds)
Darnell Little - theradiantchild. special edition (Bonding)
Ditto - Boojum (Cudighi)
Kösmonaut - Paragon (Rubber City Noise)
SAUCEMAN - Grids 1 compilation (Outlines)
Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 - Fiber​​-​​Optic Fur & 3D​​-​​Printed Bones (Suite 309)
Sad Magic - Herbal Séances (self released)
Mitchell W. Feldstein - Pretty Boss (Flag Day)
Tyresta - Always Ending (Otherwordly Mystics)

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