Tabs Out | Co-habitant – s/t

Co-habitant – s/t

7.9.19 by Ryan Masteller

If we’re sure of anything, we’re sure that Chained Library is locked up tight for a reason. Even with its doors firmly closed, we can deduce, through “extra-library” research (internet), that there’s some kind of magic contained within the book-lined corridors. This Co-habitant tape is Exhibit A in the case against Chained Library, and we’re gonna have to get through it in order for me to convince you that we have to burn this sucker to the ground.

Co-habitant is I-don’t-know-who from I-don’t-know-where, and it doesn’t matter.  All you have to do is press play on the tape and you’re under an instant trance, totally susceptible to whatever your new master’s whims are. I’ve heard stories, stories that will totally freak you out, that witches use the repetitive loops contained herein to summon demons and ghouls and all sorts of frights to fan out over the land and terrorize the slumbering populace out of their slumber and into perpetual panic. It’s all here – it’s all in this tape.

Why don’t we check it out, see what all the fuss is about? Then you’ll understand. … See, those high pitches rustle through the trees like a foreboding wind, repeating, continuing until they’ve chilled you to the bone. Then the Carpenter worship – always the Carpenter worship! Can’t you hear the “Halloween” theme, but only restrained and just at the periphery of your consciousness? This is how it burrows into your mind and takes control of your soul. We could keep going, but you’d just get the vibe of an after-hours séance or a morality tale gone wrong or a mysterious light in the deepest part of the woods.

Yes: the minimal melodies are entrancing and the repetition sinks deep into your mind. It penetrates your consciousness. It remains there and moves you to do its bidding. Listen to it! You’re powerless to stop it. I’m powerless to stop it. In fact, I think we should just let this play, just let it play and leave old Chained Library alone. Yeah, that’s probably for the best in the end, don’t you think?

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