Thee Reps - Minimal Surface (Gold Bolus)
Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Departure 2019 (self released)
Jonathan James Carr - Lose Your Composer (Moss Archive)
Nikmis - split w/ Synth Sisters (Muzan Editions)
TIMT Ft. Haruki Ishida - Bless Vol.2 comp (Inner Oceans)
Nymano - Bless Vol.2 comp (Inner Oceans)
Oatmello - Soft Landing (Inner Ocean)
Dead Tenants - II (Already Dead)
Dos Monos - Dos City (Deathbomb Arc)
dtub- - Midi-Drum Compositions-4 (self released)
Grave Dust - Pale Hand (Children Of The Abyss)
R. Stevie Moore - There Here (Banana Tapes)
Eartheater - Doom Mix Vol.III comp (Doom Trip)
Swan Meat - Doom Mix Vol.III comp (Doom Trip)