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Ernia – s/t

4.4.19 by Ryan Masteller

My idea of fun does NOT entail getting kicked in the face, or punched in the face, or headbutted in the face, or smashed in the face with anything, really. Which is probably a shame, because if I had less attachment to my face (and it really is a beautiful face), then I wouldn’t be so hesitant to leave my own home and head to the nearest local VFW or church basement or dorm room to catch a live set by Logroño, Spain’s Ernia. (Not that they’d be anywhere near me, mind you, but you get the idea.) In those locations I would be treated to the sweetest circle pits those hardcore and death metal and what-have-you kids could whip up. I bet there’d be some particularly excellent ones at Ernia shows.

The Spanish quartet rips through thirteen insanely fast tracks that harken back to some of my favorite thrashy artists: Some Girls, Converge, The Locust, Pig Destroyer, etc. But I’m old now. I’m drifting farther and farther away from youthful angst and aggression, either letting go of the things that piss me off or channeling that anger into other, more productive conduits than primal rage. Still, I’ll probably eternally be a sucker for angular, distorted guitars, shouty vocals, and blast beats. And Ernia’s that secret artist you can drop on your stateside friends – “Yeah, Agoraphobic Nosebleed is okay I guess, but have you heard this tape from this Spanish band?” You would be so much cooler!
Edition of 75 from Already Dead. Listen good, then smash something in the face (a clock, perhaps, because we don’t condone violence here at Tabs Out).

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