Tabs Out | Episode #139

Purelle - Gotta Have It! (GALTTA)
Synthetic Love Dream - The Royal Scotsman (GALTTA)
Herbcraft - split w/ ML Wah (Crash Symbols)
Inez Lightfoot - split w/ Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (Stunned)
ASPS - Master Was Not Perturbed (Mayonnaise Glaze)
Caloia / Charuest / Fousek - Maps to Hands (Astral Spirits)
Cop Jokes - split w/ Inconvenience Store (self released)
Actual Pearls - Klepht Nest (Single Girl Married Girl)
Bending Spirit - Flower Moon (Boudoir)
Boreal Network - Itasca Road Trip (Illuminated Paths)
Euglossine - Coriolis (Hausu Mountain)
Morgan & Dilloway - Color Changing Knife (Deceptions Order Blank)

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