Tabs Out | Cameron, Dockery, & Hipólito – Organ

Cameron, Dockery, & Hipólito – Organ

2.15.19 by Ryan Masteller

What does it look like to field an all-star team? Let’s see how Self Sabotage Records does it:

Lisa Cameron: Drummer in ST 37, Suspirians; serial collaborator; Ganjisland (w/ Raquel Bell); Venison Whirled

Lee Dockery (aka R. Lee Dockery): A Bourdon of Bees; Matamoros (with Derek Rodgers); runs the Somatic label

Daniel Hipólito (aka Smokey Emery): artist and photographer (see cover image); releases on Self Sabotage, Holodeck Records, Chondritic Sound, and others.

That’s like the Denver Broncos of ambient drone.

The trio knocked out “Organ” together in Austin on the eve (so to speak) of Daniel Hipólito’s relocation to LA for art school, a decision he BETTER NOT be regretting right now (Daniel’s mother did not return my emails for comment, although this is probably what she was thinking). Their live improv electronics here unfold like thick waves of feedback, oscillating and swirling in dangerous whirlpools at one moment, twinkling like moonlight on the forest floor at others. It’s at once exhilarating and relaxing, and they should do it again (who’s buying Daniel his bus ticket?).

The further you get into “Organ,” the more it becomes part of you, the more it overcomes your senses and penetrates any conscious effort, so that whatever you’re doing is fully clouded by the “Organ” experience. That’s exactly what you want in this type of situation, an ambient recording that doesn’t fade into the background. Cameron, Dockery, and Hipólito don’t let that happen, foregrounding enough sonic interest that you’re compelled to focus on the result. So it’s not crazy for me to call “Organ” a “sumptuous treat, a tactile atmosphere bursting with color and delight as it illuminates fresh environments and promotes uninhibited and novel thought.” (Quotation marks for easy cutting and pasting – who’s NOT gonna want to use that in a future press kit???)

Grab a tape from Self Sabotage’s Big Cartel shop, and stream it below.

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