Tab Out | Already Dead drops their third Retrospective

Already Dead drops their third Retrospective

2.1.19 by Ryan Masteller

This is the 185th “VIP” (Very Important Piece) I’ve written for Tabs Out. Why is that important? It’s not a round number. It’s not even a funny one. But the point is, it’s pretty big. Think about this: there are only 138 Tabs Out episodes (editor’s note: there’s more if you count Laser Focus and Bonus episodes like this one, but whatever…). You can look at it as if I’ve lapped the Delaware crew. Also, it takes me at least 6.9 hours to write one of these things too, just in case you think “more goes into” a podcast or whatever.

Point is, 300 is also a big number (unless you’re from Sparta, then it’s unimaginably small). And we’re here today to celebrate the 300th release by Already Dead Tapes and Records, now based out of Atlanta. There’s been some Already Dead coverage on this website before, perhaps most notably Scott Scholz’s Space Age Pressure Pad writeup on a bunch of AD releases – almost a year ago? That can’t be. Anyway, as is the label’s wont, they’ve dropped a massive compilation on us as catalog number AD300, which they’ve done before for catalog numbers AD200 and AD100. And it’s a doozy!

I don’t know how you all can keep up with all the stuff AD releases, but these “Documents” serve as a reminder that I often only scratch the surface of their catalog. Sure, I’ve written things about Comfort Food, Curt Oren, Complainer, Cop Funeral, Claire Rousay and even artists that DON’T start with the letter C, such as Alien Trilogy, Michael Potter, A.M. Stations, and The Myriad Ones. … OK, turns out I’m actually pretty familiar with the last 100 releases, so I can vouch for them. But you – YOU, newbie, you’ve got to catch up!

Fortunately there’s a “cheat code” for you to do just that.

Each physical copy of “Document III” comes with a “Golden Ticket,” just like Willy Wonka put in his chocolate bars in Tim Burton’s hilariously original film retelling of Roald Dahl’s beloved book. This “Golden Ticket” takes you to a magical URL (if you have a computer), where you’ll be able to skip and dance around a playground of download links for AD101 through AD199, a veritable wonderland of MP3 files that will allow you to catch up on all the amazing Already Dead releases you missed. Then you can buy the tapes for the ones you like – since this is a cassette website after all – presuming they’re in print still, of course.

“Document III” is still in print. Edition of 100, though, so act fast!

Comfort Food – A Cordial Warning
Mu Vonz – Hypnotize
Curt Oren – Moab
Complainer – Fucking Droid
cop funeral – try
Mezzanine Swimmers – Black Cat in Heat
Excessive Visage – Verwöhnt von Happiness
The Hell Hole Store – Musician Street
Michael Potter – Can One Make Two
YMDSIH – Legacy of Nothing
Painted Faces – Keep on Rocking in the Freak World
the binary marketing show – daydream (i cannot)
A.M. Stations – Attic Money
Coastal Car – Ultraviolet Light
Claire Rousay – Definitive Attributes
Alien Trilogy – Barlow
Imbue – Ghost Stories Pt. 1 (ft. iAlive & Carl Kavorkian)
The Myriad Ones – La Luv
SHOTO – Worship Nothing
Dead Tenants – Rubbed Out
Unsung – Bowl of Honeydew
About a Million – Wakin’ Me Up
Forget the Times – Some Tolerance for Silence (Document III Edit)
talk midway – night

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