Tabs Out | OGRE and Dallas Campbell – All Hallows’ II

OGRE and Dallas Campbell – All Hallows’ II

1.31.19 by Ryan Masteller

I know this is going against protocol, but…


OGRE (aka Robin Ogden, not the one you’re thinking of) and Dallas Campbell are transatlantic buddies who just want to frighten the bejeezus out of each other. Fresh(ish) off their rescore of George A. Romero’s classic zombie flick “Night of the Living Dead” (Lakeshore Records, whoa!), the boys are back in town, virtually, through a secure internet connection. This time they’re cooking up a sequel to their hit “All Hallows” with another soundtrack to an imaginary thriller. And this one’s real nightmare fuel, check it:

“35 years ago investigative journalist Ellis Ledstone admitted himself as a patient to an alternative healthcare facility, The Shepard Institute For Psionic Inquiry. 6 months later, police would break down its doors to discover the remains of a dozen patients in The Institute’s basement.”

Oh snap! That sounds terrifying, in all the right ways. Not uncoincidentally, this is right up your alley if you’re a “Stranger Things” fan, as that soundtrack was also released on Lakeshore – Lakeshore is like a genre film soundtrack hall of fame! Delightful synthwork conjures fabulous moods, and you can pretty much imagine how the “film” “All Hallows’ II” is going to play out, just by listening. You thought John Carpenter knew how to cook up the heebie jeebies, make your skin crawl, but you won’t be disappointed with OGRE and Dallas Campbell, not even a little bit. Plus, we all know it’s better to celebrate Halloween in January anyway – it’s sneakier that way.

And hey, you guys are a bunch of fucking nerds, right? Then you’re gonna love the equipment listings:

Dallas’ Gear: ARP Axxe, Odyssey|Casio SK1|Crudman V2|Doepfer Dark Time|EHX Deluxe Memory Man|Farfisa Syntorchestra|Kawai SX240|Maestro RK4|Multivox MX312, MXD7|Pioneer RT707|Roland CR78, CR8000, Dimension D, Juno 6, MKS 70, SH101, SVC 350|SCI Pro One, Prophet 600|Star Instruments Synare 3|Tape Loops|Tascam Portastudio 424|Yamaha SK30.

Robin’s Gear: Arturia Microbrute|Doepfer, MAKENOISE & Mutable Instruments Eurorack System| Kawai SP-100|KNAS Moisturizer|KOMA Field Kit|Korg Mono/Poly, MS-20, Poly 800 MK II|Moog MF Delay, Mother 32, Minitaur|Novation Bass Station Rack|Roland VP-330|Tape Loops|Tascam Portastudio 414|Voltage Controlled Walkman|WEM Copicat Super IC|Yamaha TX81Z. 

Preorder from OGRE now: “pad printed shell, loaded with pro dubbed Type I ferric grade tape. Made in the U.K. Also includes original Shepard Institute Of Psionic Inquiry Flyer and a digital copy of the All Hallows’ II Case File as a 38 page .PDF.”

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