Tabs Out | Jax Deluca – Organs in the Wind

Jax Deluca – Organs in the Wind
12.10.18 by Ryan Masteller

What’s that??! Is that … a gh-gh-gh-ghost? There’s definitely a spirit present in this room, as I can’t quite make it out in any sort of physical way. It manifests itself as if it’s a trick of the light, like my mind’s playing tricks on me, and I can’t quite screw my face up or squint my eyes properly to get the full focus of it. I may need help – someone summon a Mystery Machine and a stoned semi-talking dog so we can do this properly. I’ll ring the Harlem Globetrotters too to see if they’re available.

Oh, wait … no, no, it’s nothing to be alarmed at. It’s just this new Jax Deluca tape on ACR doing all that mental damage to me. I mean, it’s barely there – Deluca’s spectral whispering voice, gentle piano, and ambient textures float like mist in a midnight forest. No wonder I got all spooked over here, it’s the kind of thing that’s actually, well, spooky. Except when it’s so not spooky that it’s actually kind of soothing, more like a lullaby? And Deluca shoots more for gentleness and ethereality than despondence or even nostalgia? This is really as reflective as it gets – Deluca even says so herself: “These recordings are supposed to be listened [to] at a low volume in a dark space. A quiet cavern.”

So for sixty-one minutes Jax Deluca invades our headphone space with “Organs in the Wind,” hinting at things just outside our perception that are larger than us, that render us to seeming insignificance. Let the light, the spirit flow through body and bloodstream and guide you to greater understanding. “Organs” will definitely leave you in serene awe, especially if you devote your full attention to it.

And I feel like I have to beg forgiveness for making a Scooby-Doo reference while reviewing a serious tape. Sigh.

Edition of 100 available from ACR! Or, uh, 19 now. Sorry, I’m late to this.

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