Tabs Out | Episode #136


Chainfight - 1992 (Dead Gods)
Pajjama - Womb (Orange Milk)
Metoronori メトロノリ - メトロノリ works '14​-​'18 ペール (Orange Milk)
Bromp Treb - split w/ Fritz Welch (Timesuck)
Coteries - Consumption (Dead Gods)
Personal Bandana - [sic] (self released)
The Tuesday Night Machines - Hawaiian Yurt Music (Strategic Tape Reserve)
Missing Foundation - World in Chains (Baked Tapes)
Scant - Shivers (Dead Gods)
evolv - Formlessness (Flag Day Recordings)
Andy Loebs - About Me (Terry Tapes)
Grant Evans - Ephemerals (Park 70)
Sniveling - Devaluation (Dead Gods)
ullnevano x illien rosewell - Confidence is Everything III (Already Dead Tapes)
Marc Aubele - Sport (Ingrown Records)
Teuthis Galore - I Smell Voices (Lurker Bias)


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