PODCAST 11.11.18

Shells - Another Time (Unifactor)
Nervous Operator - Incoherent Reflections (Lapsed)
Mudd Corp - Oh. Snap. (Third Kind)
The Royal Arctic Institute - Russian Twists (Rhyme & Reason)
Anthéne - Reflections in Dust (Muzan Editions)
John Coltrane Quartet - Live at the Half Note (Audiofidelity Enterprises)
Tiger Village - Tact (Orange Milk)
Housefire - Electrode To Joy (Hot Releases)
R. Stevie Moore - Kaffeeklatsch (OJC)
Brian James Griffith - Inner Work (Histamine)
Zherbin - Perehod (OTA)
Windy Boijen - Vintage Cartoon Improv (Ephem Aural)


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