Tabs Out | Episode #134


Howie Pyro - Intoxica Radio: Halloween Special (Origin Peoples)
Black Givre - Errance et mépris (La Cohu)
Apeface - Ape No More (Hand'Solo)
garish_cyborg - hBON (Kill Ego)
Magic From Space - 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 1 (Ingrown)
tape000 - chasing windows (OTA)
Reak Indonesian Trance (Tingo Tongo)
Adderall Canyonly - Lucid in a Wasted Way (Null Zone)
Bonnie Baxter - Ask Me How Satan Started (Hausu Mountain)
Yuto Ohashi - Juvenile - insubstantial, re​-​present - (Cudighi)
Story Teller - The Stubborn Organic Emblem of Social and Biological Survival (ADAADAT)
Daniel Bachman & Matthew Sage - Low in the High Desert I & II (Patient Sounds)


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